Best Solutions Sober Living Mission Statement
Best Solutions Sober Living was founded by recovering addicts who have first -hand experience in regards to recovery. Having years of experience, we know what works best, we can put you on the right path to rediscover yourself and lead you to success. “Our very lives as ex problem addicts depends on the constant thought of others and how we may help to meet their needs.” –
Our Story

Best Solutions Sober Living was founded after the death of a loved one. Telling a young child that they had lost a loved one due to addiction was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Although we couldn’t help her, we have come to find out that we can help others, so their loved ones do not have to experience what we have gone through.

With over 10 years of experience working with addicts, family members, developing community outreach, business ties to the local area, we are able to assist you with the basic foundations necessary for a successful life. We have been able to help thousands of lives recover. We can offer assistance for any of your outside needs; from enrollment at Local College, employment search, external resources for counseling, ties to the local 12 step communities or volunteering within the local area.

Best Solutions Sober Living offers a safe and sober environment for you to recover. We have a caring and loving staff with vested interests in assisting you along your journey. Our houses are located in residential communities and offer a family environment. Our Sober Living Homes are all located 5 to 15 minutes from the finest beaches and shopping centers in South Orange County.

Recovery from addiction has to be the most important factor. Staying sober must be your number one priority if you are going to make it. We find that if sobriety is maintained as your number one priority, everything that falls second, will become first class.
Having years of experience, it is our belief that our Sober Living Homes are managed with integrity. Meeting our tenants needs and providing a safe, drug and alcohol free environment is the cornerstone principle of our Sober Livings.

All of our houses are fully furnished with high speed internet, computers, cable, movie channels and external phone lines. Our resources are available to our residence and our staff is available to assist you.

Best Solutions Sober Living offers the most services for the most affordable price. We care about our tenants and the direction their life is headed. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and in need of a safe, peaceful place to call home, while in early recovery, please give us a call, come tour our homes and give us a try. Call us at: 949-228-4207 to schedule an appointment with us today, and take the best step to leading a sober life style.