Orange County Sober Living Near You

Our Orange County sober living homes are safe and affordable and most of all have a great reputation for caring for the resident’s well-being. Perfectly located near beaches and shopping, our homes are near many centers of employment and offer a clean, serene environment fit for sobriety. We are a women’s sober living but we are very well connected with men’s sober livings all over. If you are looking for a quality sober living home near you, for your loved ones or for yourself, we are here for you.

Sober Living Homes that Care for Your Well-Being

We are dedicated in providing sober living homes that offer a zero-tolerance environment and have a 12-step structure. Our homes are here to give you a solid foundation to succeed in. Located in an extremely beautiful and safe part of Orange County, California, our homes are perfect for women that want to be surrounded by a great environment. Our staff know that your mission is to become and stay sober, and we are here for you every step of the way in helping you achieve that.

Our Sober Living Home Helps Find Employment

One of the things we do at our sober living homes include helping our residents find employment. We know first-hand what it feels like to hit rock bottom and have to rise up again. We understand that hope can be found in getting reacquainted with society’s values; one of which is work. Work has its rewards, and is such a positive experience that we help our residents with their employment process. We are also located in Orange County, and as such have many local connections to refer our female residents to. 

If you are looking for the best solution to stay sober, you have found it. Call us today!