Best Solutions Sober Living Structure
Sober living house rules

Residency requires a minimum of a 60 day commitment

No lingering in the front yard or hanging out in the front yard. So please be quiet when leaving the house or coming back to the house. (We have a duty and obligation as recovering addicts to present a new standard in regards to how the public views us)
Chores must be completed prior to leaving the house; bed made, dirty clothes placed in your hamper, bathroom, countertops, living quarters along with your house chore listed, etc..

Medications must be approved by house management, if you go to the physician, house management must be made aware of any new medications. Some medications may not be allowed. If you have any questions with this, please review with management.
No dishes or food in the bedrooms, only drinks allowed in your bedroom is water.
Deep clean chores, where the house will get detailed, occurs during the weekend. Please check with your house manager for dates and times. If everyone works as a team, it will only take an hour, if you can’t make it for deep clean, check with your house manager to arrange chores at a different time

Curfew is 11 P.M ( Sunday through Thursday) 12 P.M ( Fri and Sat.)

There is no overnight passes for the first month of residency. Special exceptions will be considered if direct family is visiting from out of town.
Overnight passes will be granted for long term residence or after 30 days, to be considered for overnight pass you must be in compliance with all of the house rules. If you are not meeting your requirements, don’t even bother asking.

Respect and listen to your house manager and assistant house manager. They are here to help.

Drug testing and Breathalyzing. All residence will be tested a minimum of twice per week. Random, at intake and upon suspicion of use. Breathalyzers shall be used on a regular and consistent basis. Failure to comply with a test will be considered a dirty test and the resident will be asked to leave premises, till further notice.

Caught using in the house, bringing drugs into the house or using with clients in the house will result in immediate discharge.

Smoking is currently allowed in the designated smoking area. No more than 2 clients smoking at a time. Please be respectful of the neighbors. Absolutely no smoking in the house, near the doorways or on the street. Harm reduction in early recovery is extremely important…..So….. VAPE, VAPE, VAPE it up!!!!

Please keep the noise level down in the back yard, the neighbors seem like really nice people, let’s keep them that way.

Threats of violence, fighting or theft will be taken seriously and will result in immediate discharge from the house.
All clients must maintain a relationship with a sponsor, attend 4 meetings per week. Your sponsor is welcome in the house anytime and will be treated like family.
No males allowed in the house whatsoever, unless they are immediate family. Any visitors must be cleared by the house manager, if the house manager is not home, there will be no visitors.

All clients must be either, volunteering, working, looking for work, enrolled in school, or in a program. On a positive life path. No sleeping all day long. (Which means, get out of the house, enjoy your day, enjoy your sobriety, have fun)
Please remember that our very lives as ex problem addicts depends on the constant thought of others and how we may meet their needs. So treat others the way you would wish to be treated, with dignity and self-respect. We can accomplish great things when working together as a team. So let’s work together to make this a positive experience for one another.

Consequences to small rule violations. ( Especially Chores)
1st offense… Your chore plus, an extra one.
2nd offense… Your chore, plus an extra one , with early curfew.
3rd offense. Your chore, plus an extra one, and a possible 48 hour time out from the house.
If the behavior becomes a daily struggle, having to constantly be asked, if the house manager has to ask you every day, day in and day out, you will be considered for discharge.