I came to view this Sober lIving as my home

The moment I walked in the house I felt welcomed. I came to view this Sober lIving as my home. This was not my first time at a sober living, however, it is the best sober living I have experienced.
The owner takes time to show us daily that he cares, by treating us like family. I have hope today and am looking forward to becoming a full time house manager at some point.

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My house manger, a close friend.

My experience at Best Solutions Sober living was amazing. I came into the house not knowing what to expect. This was my first and only sober living I have ever been in. I was scared and broken from my addiction.

At Best Solutions Sober Living I have learned many amazing things, have found some best friends. We learned to build each other up and how to keep each other accountable. We learned together, lived together and laughed together. I am genuinely so thankful for this experience. Without the house and the support network I developed, I would be back in my addiction.

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